EXO Greeting Party in Japan “HELLO!” Rehearsal

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layhan during ‘lucky’

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Another ship sunk today (18/4) in Flores, Indonesia with 100 crews in it. Earthquake in Mexico, the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, the erruption of Sinabung in Indonesia, the missing plane MH370, the riots happened in several countries. Instead of #PrayForSouthKorea, #PrayForIndonesia or #PrayForMexico, we probably should #PrayForTheWorld instead. These whole things were so heartbreaking :(

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Luhan Selcas

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favorite chen moments shit chen says in showtime { i; ii }
Anonymous: but i meant it for you emily :) you should make something like that :) since you have many sweeties(followers i mean), we could get many different point of views and also from the looks of it that anon wants to be like you so that could help a lot ;) not only to that anon but to many others/beginners/the ones who want to do better :) consider this please? i'd like to see results as well :)

oh? that is quite a good suggestion ;3; I’ve never really done it before, but I guess I might just consider it TTwTT thank you sweetheart! <3

Anonymous: i think you should make a text post something like this, and let people reply it: "why do you follow me? tell me one reason" i think this'll help a lot of people to see what people looking for in a blog and to those like that anon who wants to be noticed by many people but doesn't know what to do :) in the end it's your choice to make it or not :) since you have a lot of sweeties(haha it's your fanclub name♥), i thought you could make something like this :)

ah, another great suggestion! ;w;

Anonymous: to the anon:D do what you love!! the others said it right:)) my edits have no soo many notes,but i like them and happy if someone likes them too :)) there are times when i'm waiting for incrasing notes,but it's okey if just one people likes it too:))

You sweethearts are so precious ;w;